Coach Al Grow the Game Director & Tier 1 Consultant

Born in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Al Pedersen started developing his skills at a young age, ultimately earning himself a position on the Medicine Hat Tigers (WHL) for three seasons. Pedersen was later drafted by the Boston Bruins (NHL) in 1983 playing for five seasons until he moved on to the Hartford Whalers (NHL) and Minnesota North Stars (NHL). 

As a USA Hockey Level 4 Coach, he initially arrived in Colorado Springs to lead the Colorado Gold Kings (WCHL). Following his distinguished coaching career, Pedersen joined the Colorado Rampage to oversee the Mite/8U Program, leveraging his professional expertise to nurture the game's growth. Additionally, he serves as a Tier 1 consultant, assisting players and coaching staff in reaching their fullest potential.

His passion for the sport and dedication to game development have consistently led to national record-breaking attendance for our Try Hockey for Free events on multiple occasions. In addition, he manages an impressive adult league program with approximately 750 players, further showcasing his commitment to fostering hockey at all levels.

As a full-time member of the Colorado Rampage Association, Al Pedersen plays a crucial role in guiding young players toward a viable path to achieve their aspirations as collegiate and professional athletes. We are incredibly fortunate to have his expertise and commitment shaping the future of our players.