Garrett Metcalf

The Colorado Rampage allowed me to grow as a hockey player but more importantly a person. The staff there are invaluable parts of the athletes’ lives that play for the program. They care about winning hockey games but more importantly, they care about developing strong young men and women who are going to be successful no matter what they choose to pursue in life. They care and develop character, integrity, work ethic, and many more traits that will be a resource for these individuals for the rest of their lives.

The rampage helped me get on a path that ultimately led me to the USHL, NCAA Division 1, ECHL, AHL, and an NHL draft pick. I know without a doubt, that had I not gone through the Rampage program, none of this would have been possible. My time with the Rampage was some of the most influential years of my life and I am forever grateful that I could play there. The lessons I learned will take me much further than the game ever will. And that is the most important thing giving these kids the opportunity to grow as people.

NHL Draft: 2015 Round 6 #179 overall by Anaheim Ducks

Madison Capitols USHL

Mercyhurst NCAA DI

Utah Grizzles ECHL

Lehigh Valley Phantoms AHL

Clayton Cosentino

I was an A and AA player most of my hockey career until my first year of U18 hockey where I was given the opportunity to play for the 18u AAA team. I moved from California to live with a host family and was truly blessed by all the friends and coaches I met and created long-lasting relationships with. During my two years at the Rampage, I drastically improved my game by working with different skill coaches every day at the hockey academy. This training environment allowed me to help my team win two State Championships and one District Championship. This time of my life was undeniably my favorite due to all the relationships built and experiences we went through as a team. After my two years at the Rampage, I played 2 years for the Aberdeen Wings. During this time, I would always return to Colorado to train. I loved the summer training at the Rampage because of the established environment of improvement which was a testament to the continued return of D1 and pro players every year. During my first year of juniors, I was approached by D1 teams and ultimately decided to commit to the Air Force Academy. My decision was easy, having the opportunity to come back to Monument was a dream come true. Ultimately the fact that I could be surrounded by the same family, friends, and coaches made the decision for me. Today I keep in contact with coaches for advice and an ear to listen to when dealing with struggles in my game. The Rampage is a top-tier organization, and I would not be in the place that I am today without them.

Aberdeen Wings NAHL - “C”

Air Force Academy NCAA DI – “A”

JJ Crew

Originally from California, I decided at 16 to leave home and be a part of the Colorado Rampage organization. As I look back, it was the best decision I could have ever made for my development not only as a hockey player but as a person.

The coaching I received on and off the ice, along with the resources provided to help me train/compete at the highest level, grow in the classroom, and become a more well-rounded individual has been instrumental in shaping who I am today.

The Rampage program helped me achieve my goals of playing in the USHL and ultimately receiving a Division 1 scholarship to Western Michigan University where I was part of a CCHA Championship and 2 NCAA Tournament births.

Over the past 11 years I have spent my life giving back to the game I love by coaching at various levels (youth, junior, Division 1) in the hopes of shaping the next generation of young athletes like the Rampage organization did for me and a number of other kids.

The friendships I gained and the life lessons I learned while playing for the Rampage are something that I will cherish forever. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity coach Sherman gave to me as a youth hockey player and what he has continued to provide for over 20 years to young athletes who have dreams of playing at the highest levels and playing a game they love.

Western Michigan University - Assistant Coach

Lincoln Stars USHL

Western Michigan NCAA DI

Grant Arnold

The Colorado Rampage organization means very much to me as an alum of the program. I played for Coach Andrew Sherman back in the 08-09 season. For the u18 aaa team. I grew up in Littleton and played for the T Birds for 2 seasons before deciding to play for the Rampage. I could have easily stayed locally and played for a team closer to my home.

I went up to Monument with my dad to meet Coach Sherman before the 08-09 season to see if it would be a good fit. I was reluctant, to say the least. I did not want to deal with driving up to Monument and not playing with my childhood friends. After lunch and a tour of the rink and locker room there was zero doubt in my mind this is where I wanted to play. This is a program that I want to be part of. This is the program that will allow me to chase my dreams. A complete turnaround from my attitude before meeting Coach Sherman. That season I played for the Rampage was one of if not the most important year of development in my hockey career. I not only improved on the ice but I improved tremendously off the ice. My strength and conditioning improved massively. My knowledge of off-ice training was drastically changed and improved.

I also needed to take some online classes when I was playing for the Rampage. Coach Sherman was a massive help with this. He helped me get set up with the right classes and a tutor who truly helped me so much. Looking back on my Hockey career the best decision I ever made was to choose to play for the Colorado Rampage. I believe that to my core. After playing for the Rampage I was drafted by the Green Bay Gamblers in the USHL. I ended up making the team after a long summer of training and skating up in Monument with Coach Sherman and other coaches. We won 2 national championships in Green Bay. After Green Bay, I got a scholarship to play for the University of Denver. I was a 2-time captain at DU. The first two-time captain in nearly 60 years. I can truly say I would have never played in Green Bay or the University of Denver without coach Sherman and the Rampage organization. I learned how to be a good teammate, how to take care of my body, I learned about commitment and discipline. I learned how to treat people. I learned how to lead.

The Colorado Rampage organization is extremely important to me. The Colorado Rampage is full of good, talented people who do things the right way. I am still in contact with Coach Sherman and I will always be. He is a lifelong friend and mentor. To see how far the Rampage have come since I played there back in 08-09 it is truly amazing to see how much the organization has grown. The facility’s, quality of coaches and players are at a very high level. I will and always will encourage young players and their families to pursue hockey with the Colorado Rampage.

Green Bay Gamblers USHL – “C”

University of Denver NCAA DI – “C”

Quad City Mallards ECHL – “A”

Florida Everblades ECHL

Cam Strong

The Colorado Rampage and their dedicated coaching staff were the biggest contributors to my success as a hockey player and allowed me to not only pursue my dreams but make them a reality. They taught me the process of continuous improvement and gave me every opportunity to develop my skills, character, and leadership qualities. As a player from a non-traditional hockey state (MT), I could not have reached the NCAA Division 1 level without my experience with the Rampage. The program has built a strong culture over the last 20+ years that has had a tremendously positive impact on the lives of young players. The Rampage has created a path for hundreds of players to move on to junior, college, and even pro hockey. The success of their alumni is a testament to the program. But beyond that, the Rampage prepares their players for life after hockey by teaching work ethic, discipline, resilience, integrity, and a positive attitude. I remain extremely grateful for the Rampage and have continued to be impressed by how hard their staff works and how much they care about every player that comes through the program.

Topeka Roadrunners NAHL – “C”

Dartmouth College NCAA DI – “A”

Utah Grizzlies ECHL

Sean Giles

I was a player in Monument, Colorado from the very first season when they converted the roller hockey rink to ice. Back then the program was known as Colorado Hockey Club. Very shortly after, the Rampage came into Monument and immediately elevated the opportunity for youth hockey in the area. Personally, it gave me a home to become better every day. I learned so many life lessons from the group of staff and teammates around the rink over my decade of playing and training there. Without those lessons, I wouldn’t be as successful as I have been in my hockey career and my personal life. I have moved on to play Division I NCAA hockey and various levels of professional hockey all around the world. That opportunity stems from the mental toughness and habits I learned from the Rampage. My teammates and players I’ve trained with in the summers since are still some of my best friends to this day. We bonded over the shared desire to push ourselves to be our best.

Lone Star Brahmas NAHL

Robert Morris University NCAA

Jacksonville Icemen ECHL

Fife Flyers EIHL

Jasper Lester

The Colorado Rampage hockey program stands out as a premier organization dedicated to excellence in player development and competitive hockey. Rampage's commitment to fostering a culture of skill development, strategic gameplay, and sportsmanship sets it apart as a top-tier hockey program. The coaching staff's expertise and dedication to individual player growth have consistently produced high-caliber athletes who excel on the ice. The Rampage's emphasis on teamwork, discipline, and a strong work ethic not only enhances players' performance on the ice but also instills valuable life skills that extend beyond the game. As a proud past member of the Colorado Rampage hockey program, I have experienced firsthand the positive impact of this program in honing my skills, fostering a love for the game, and preparing me for success in the competitive world of hockey.


The coaching staff at the Colorado Rampage hockey program is truly exceptional. Their expertise, dedication, and passion for the sport are evident in every practice, game, and interaction with players. The coaches not only focus on developing our skills on the ice but also prioritize our personal growth and character development. Their mentorship goes beyond the game of hockey, instilling values such as teamwork, discipline, and resilience that have a lasting impact on our lives. The individualized attention and guidance from the coaching staff have helped us improve our game and reach new levels of success. The Colorado Rampage coaching is truly top-notch, and I am grateful for the invaluable lessons and support they provide both on and off the ice.


The Colorado Rampage has been a transformative experience for both myself and many others. Beyond the rink, this program has instilled valuable life lessons such as discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. The strong sense of community within the Rampage family has created lasting friendships and a support system that extends far beyond the hockey arena. The coaching staff's dedication to developing not only skilled athletes but also well-rounded individuals has had a profound impact on personal growth and character development. The values and skills learned through the Colorado Rampage have undoubtedly influenced and enriched our lives in countless ways, preparing us for success both on and off the ice.


Fairbanks Ice Dogs NAHL – “A”

Air Force Academy NCAA DI

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